Leeds Peeps Week 2

This week we edited the images from the previous week for web use using Photoshop.

The first image I edited using adjustment layers on Photoshop which allows you to experiment with different edits and easily change or delete the separate layers rather than having to re-edit the original JPEG.

Humans of Leeds subject one outside of Kirkgate market in original unedited image
Original unedited image

The above image is the original I shot last week, I selected this as one of my favourites because of the clarity of the subject and the shallow depth of field. I wanted to make the whole image brighter and clearer so the background was more visible but the so the subject was still the main focus.

Edited version of the image above of subject outside of Corn Exchange, Leeds
Edited image

Above is the final image after I edited it. I increased the brightness slightly which made the background more visible but made the right side of the subjects face too exposed and reduced the detail. I then used the curves adjustment layer and used the medium contrast preset which darkened the image so that the face could be seen clearly again. I then made the midtones brighter so the background was still brighter than the original adding more detail. Finally I used the rule of thirds grid to crop the image so that the subjects eye line was on the top line. I resized the image to 640pixels and exported as a JPEG for web use.

I prefer the edited image as it is sharper, there is more detail in the background and the subject is much more clearly the focus of the image.

Woman in Kirkgate Market pictured in the original unedited image
Unedited image 2
Woman in Kirkgate Market, Leeds in edited version of the image above
Edited image 2



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