Photojournalism project pitch

For my photographic journalism project, I will be looking at the sport roller derby with a specific focus on the Leeds Roller Derby team. I will be following the team through their training sessions, team meetings and competitions to learn the ins and outs of the sport.

I would like to look deeper into themes of female empowerment, representations of women in sport in the media and a general over view of the sport and why it isn’t as popular as others.

I will be producing reportage sport photography and publishing my final piece online as a long form article. The feature will include a mix between Illustrative Photography and Photo Stories. Some of the images will tell a story in themselves and we will be able to see the action as it happens but some images will need accompanying text to go into more detail. An example of this would be if I was talking in more detail about the rules and using an image of a specific move I had captured the reader wouldn’t know the legality of the move of why they were doing it without the accompanying text.

Additional research will involve finding out the origins of the sport and the specific rules involved which I will do through online research as well as taking part in the sport myself for a more personal insight. I will also need to research major figureheads in the sport who can be interviewed about larger issues such as media documentation of the sport, or lack of it, as well as the complexity of the rules and ratio of male to female involvement. I will also need to speak to members of the Leeds Roller Derby team for primary research about why they are involved in the sport and their opinions on certain aspects that will be discussed in the final feature.

For the photography side of the project I will do secondary research into editing techniques with Photoshop, depth of field and how to utilise it within sport photography and different camera setting the optimise the imagery. I will also be looking at sport photographers and what types of things they have picked out as the main focus of their image to be able to tell a story with images. I will also be speaking to people who already photograph roller derby for their opinion on what images have the strongest effect and the best positions and camera settings for taking photographs at different settings such as; training and competitions.

I will be going along to a training session to initially meet the team and take some images to show that the sport will be a good subject for photography and find interesting angles to approach the project from. I think it will make the final feature more interesting and relatable for those involved in the sport if some of the initial themes are raised by team members.


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