New project pitch

Talking ’bout my regeneration

The story I am going to be covering was sparked by the release of a petition showing a vote of no confidence in North East Lincolnshire Council. I am going to be documenting how North East Lincolnshire got to this point of having no confidence in their council. I will be looking back at the past 12 months to see where the council have spent their budget, where they are planning on investing more money and why residents of towns and villages in North East Lincolnshire aren’t happy with the decisions and outcomes.

The article will be 2000 words with 12 images in between aiding the narrative and the reader in understanding the issues North East Lincolnshire is faced with. I will be producing a mix of documentary and reportage photography that illustrate the areas personality and appearance through photography people, buildings and anything I come across that aids the narrative of the story.

The final article will be published on WordPress. I am using this publishing tool because there is so much information surrounding the topic that having the ability to link to numerous different articles for readers to seek more information is a really useful tool. It will also allow my to structure the article so that the images are surrounded by text and are viewed in a certain order which will help structure the overall narrative of the story.

I will need to do a lot of additional research including looking over councils spending over the past 12 months, Grimsby Telegraph articles which document spending and residents comments which highlight real world issues for people. I will also need to research in depth details about some specifics eg, one part of the article will look at the ‘Museum Store’ which was shut down in 2002. For this I will need to research the architectural history of the building, the Museum Store when it was open and how successful it was, the time they closed the Museum Store and why and residents’ thoughts and feelings about this then and now.

For primary research I will mainly be contacting residents, local business and councillors to ensure I cover all opinions and include the correct facts in the article. A lot of my secondary research will involve talking to people from North East Lincolnshire about what they think about the situation which will help me structure the narrative and take the right images to portray the genuine mood of the residents. This means that my primary research will have to be extensive in making sure that I understand why the council has made these decisions and that facts about numbers and statistics are correct and not just rumors or exaggerated facts.

This article will include illustrative photography for instance images of buildings that I am talking about or the area of town mentioned in the article. It will also include photography that drives the story. This photography will show the personality of the town or capture local residents that adds something to the narrative that cannot be justified by words but has to be seen in the imagery.


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