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Links to Grimsby Telegraph reports about issues. Comments from people under the reports show how some of the town residents feel about it.

Main issues.


Are replacing paving, proposing doing up ‘gateway to Cleethorpes’ ie railway station, Alexandra road, but they do not have sufficient basic provisions for visitors, such as toilets and the have reduced the hours that the tourist information office is open.


Wasted a lot of money on moving a bus station that nobody had any issues with, and completely repaving (block paving) all of town centre area.

Since they did this they have had to dig up paving that was wrongly laid, people have issues with it affecting their eyes, nobody knows where to get the bus, they are down side streets all over instead of one place.  All the eating/drinking venues on the River Freshney, near barge have closed, yet they are going to add to the investment for a new cinema and 7 restaurants.  Town centre of evening is a no go zone, lots of trouble and no police presence.  Lots of shops in Freshney Place have closed and it has no atmosphere and people from out of town have stopped visiting to shop.


Main issue is they built a new leisure facility/swimming pool in the same place as an existing swimming venue in an area that is not very accessible (near auditorium), whilst at the same time closing Scartho Baths against the will of lots of residents.  It is felt the money spent could have accommodated a new ice rink, or other alternatives such as repairing Scartho Baths and keeping the ice rink in good repair


Have spent thousands on consultants and surveys, when everyone knows they will build it at the Peaks parkway site, even though this is near a crematorium and cemetery, they are investing millions into a stadium for a small football club and are going to build more out of town shopping facilities near it.


Have closed toilets, selling off Fitties, have refused planning permission for a couple of ideas from Thorpe Park. Had no money to support Pleasure Island staying open.  Let the Winter Gardens close and have houses built on, but are now supporting the building of a new dance hall directly across the road.  No money for Cleethorpes in Bloom, no carnival, no real facilities, but they own the pub (O’niells) for no reason it is closed now anyway and will be spending the majority of the grant money they are receiving on repaving near the train station, Seaview St, which is a nice street but looks fine and doesn’t need investment, and repairing railings and such on buildings on Alexandra Road, which doesn’t benefit tourists or residents.


Spent millions on building a brand new office building for a private company to use even though the council own lots of property around the area that are not being used that they could have done up and rented out.


Do not want these in their pet project areas like Europark, Pleasure Island, or out of town sites, all areas suggested are near deprived residential areas.



Melanie Onn: 112 Cleethorpe Road, Great Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 3HW, Tel: 01472 359 584, Email:

Martin Vickers: 62 St Peter’s Avenue, Cleethorpes, DN35 8HP, Tel: 01472 603554, Email:

North East Lincolnshire Councillors:

Grimsby Institute art department – Museum store

Justin Beattie (brickwork tutor at Grimsby College): talk about architecture

Local businesses.

Carpet Kingdom: Address: 231 Grimsby Rd, Cleethorpes DN35 7HE, Phone: 01472 693037 -I spoke to the owner of this business one year ago when he complained he would have to move his business from out of town because of the ongoing work blocking custom to his shop. He has now moved from underneath the old Wilkin Chapman building leaving this section of town completely empty. – Urban Arts Festival organiser.

Arts Council England – Address: Marshalls Mill, Marshall St, Leeds LS11 9YJ, Phone: 0845 300 6200


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