Selecting images

On windows file explorer there is an option to rate images using a star rating tool. You can then view these images in order of star rating. This was extremely useful tool when deciding which images to use. I first went through and rated all of my images between 1 and 5 stars, this enabled me to easily view the best images and make by decision about the best ones to use.

Still there were some tough decision where I had to consider narrative, composition, lighting and context when choosing between similar images.

Convamore Road park
Image of litter near children’s park
Convamore Road park
A similar image to the one above but shows more of the park and surrounding area (CHOSEN IMAGE)
Convamore Road Park
An image taken at the same scene but not as attractive to the eye

The three images above were all taken at the same location in an attempt to demonstrate typical scenes of Grimsby and Cleethorpes and highlight why residents feel such discontent towards the council investing money in other areas.

They are all composed similarly, following the rule of thirds they are all more weighted to the right.

  • The third image containing the chair doesn’t effectively portray the children’s park or the litter and is too dark to instantly capture the readers attention.
  • I really like the first image which focuses on the litter and uses a shallow depth of field. I think this is a high quality image but it only shows half of the context.
  • The second image has a less effective shallow depth of field but is composed so that both the children’s park and the litter can be seen in the image. The image is well lit and focused and I think it drives the desired narrative home by showing the litter in the foreground and the clearly visible children’s park in the background.
Pleasure Island theme park
Pleasure Island theme park is desolate beyond the fence after being closed in the Autumn
Pleasure Island theme park
Pleasure Island theme park is now empty behind the fence after being shut down in the Autumn

The above images both have strengths and weaknesses.

  • The first image demonstrates that something lays beyond the fence that is now unreachable. It is focused on the fence which creates a shallow depth of field and makes the image appealing to the eye. Its weaknesses are that the object behind the fence isn’t instantly distinguishable as a ride and so taken out of context it would be hard to draw a narrative from the image.
  • The second image is more effective in portraying the preferred reading to the audience. The fence and barbed wire have the same effect as the fence in the first image showing that the park is no longer accessible to the public. It is also better in portraying this as you can clearly see the ride behind the fence and can instantly distinguish the image as a desolate theme park. The negative is that the image is a bit messy with the tree standing between the fence and the ride. This obstructs the image and takes away from the narrative being instantly striking.



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