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Editing images


Post production editing can help to make an image clearer and more appealing through techniques such as cropping and lighting. However, it is important to remember ethics whilst editing so the image isn’t manipulated out of its original context.

Man on sofa
Original image

The main issue I instantly noticed with this image is that the man is not fully in focus.

I edited a copy of the original image to ensure the quality of the file wasn’t effected by repeated editing. I also created a duplicate layer before I started editing and added all of my effects on separate layers so I could easily delete effects that weren’t working.

To combat the blur I used the lasso tool to select the mans head as this is the most out of focus yet important. I then feathered that area to stop the edit leaving harsh edges. I then used the smart sharpen tool to try and sharpen the mans face. I wasn’t able to do this very effectively without pixilating the image a lot.

After this I used the brightness/contrast tool to brighten the image. I think the image, whilst still blurry, is less obviously so now it has been brightened and the colours look more enhanced instead of dull in the original image.

I also used the curves tool to brighten the image, this allowed me to edit the image to the exact brightness I thought was best easily as I could see the difference on the curve tool.

Finally I set the image size to 640pxl so it is ready to be inserted into the article.

Man on sofa final edit
Final edit of the original image

I also experimented with cropping the image. I thought cropping closer in so the man is more in the foreground would have more of an impact but because of the blur on the image it looks better as an over all view of the area rather than just focused on the man.

Man on sofa crop
Cropped image

My aim with the image below was to make the colours more enhanced. I like the darkness it has to it as I think it adds to the narrative and hopeless tone of the piece but I wanted the colours to stand out more amongst this.

Funfair final edit
Edited to make the colours more enhanced

I wanted to brighten the colours on this image without brightening the whole image. I edited it by slightly increasing the saturation which made the colours more extreme. I also used the levels tool to make the midtones darker which brought more natural colour to the surface. I made the image slightly brighter than the original so it has more instant impact when you look at it.

Man drinking on street
Original version
Freeman street final edit
Edited version

To edit this image I first cropped it so the excess above the building could no longer be seen giving it straighter edges. I then brightened the image, whilst I like the tone the darker image sets brightening it adds more elements. The edited image is clearer because it has been brightened meaning you can see the poor state of the building behind but still get the impact of the original image.

Wilkin Chapman original
Wilkin Chapman original
Wilkin Chapman final edit
Wilkin Chapman edited

The main issue with the original image was how white the sky has come out due to over exposure. I darkened the image using the brightness tool on Photoshop which brought the detail in the sky to the forefront. This also made the building darker which negatively impacted the image. I used the lasso tool to select just the building and again used the brightness tool to make just the building brighter.

Kiosk final edit
Kiosk edit

I used a grid to crop this image so the kiosk is directly central. I didn’t edit it any more as I think the exposure and colours are fine as they are.

Haven Mill edit
Haven Mill edit

This edit was a difficult one because it looks as though the image is over exposed because of the sky but when experimenting with the exposure and brightness toold I realised the birds in the sky were fully visible meaning there is no other colour to bring out in the sky. If I decreased the brightness the sky turned an unnatural grey. I did slightly decrease the brightness to make the colours in the image more vibrant, this has made the rust and moss look more realistic in the image.



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