Project reflection

I followed a lot of different routes during this project, mainly because I was getting to grips with different types of photography and the task of taking high quality images. Whilst I wanted to publish a piece on sports because I admire the amazing moments sports photography can capture and how powerful a mechanism it is in storytelling I had to put my journalistic flare first to make sure the final story was as strong as the images.

This is what led me to my final project choice, one I ended up thoroughly enjoying creating and researching. The project covers themes of lifestyle, politics and architecture meaning I could produce a variety of images alongside the text. The array of images available for me to use was a positive as with my attempts at sports photography I was finding it difficult to produce 12 different images that all equally contributed to the story.

As for my final images I am pleased with the quality but some have a few negatives. The Pleasure Island image and Haven Mill image were shot on a day when the sky was clear white and despite editing this couldn’t be altered at all. Due to this the images don’t appear in the same frame as the others when inserted into the blog post. However I do think they are stronger than the original images especially the Haven Mill one which has strong colours and is taken from a more interesting angle.

The man on the sofa image is still out of focus but I made a decision to keep it in the article because I think it tells a strong story and adds to the tone of the article.

I am pleased I was able to write this article. The reason I had to do so much secondary research followed by my primary research taking me down completely different paths all together is because essentially it is an article curated from many different articles. But placed together in this format it tells a narrative that has not previously been told with this evidence and structure.

I believe from my secondary research I have conveyed the opinion of North East Lincolnshire in the tone of the article but also given Councillors the chance to defend their actions.

As a photographic feature I think it is strong in terms of conveying this tone and the story.


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