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Research and contacts

Secondary source research: Links to Grimsby Telegraph reports about issues. Comments from people under the reports show how some of the town residents feel about it. Main issues. TOILETS Are replacing paving, proposing doing up ‘gateway to Cleethorpes’ ie railway station, Alexandra road, but they do not have sufficient basic provisions for visitors, such as… Continue reading Research and contacts

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Structuring the story

“In photography, narrative is related to the idea of context. No matter how complete or comprehensive a narrative appears it will always be the product of including some elements and excluding others. Inclusion/exclusion is part of what construction is all about, but knowing what is best included or excluded requires an understanding of context. And… Continue reading Structuring the story

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Roller derby test shots

“Photographers strive to capture the intense emotion of the contest – in victory or defeat” – Peter Skinner When researching sports photographers there are three main elements I noticed in almost all of their shots. The focus is usually on the facial expression. This is the element which tells the story and helps us distinguish… Continue reading Roller derby test shots